I’m a blast from his past.  As if he could forget this.


Hair: Besom- Bratty Baby @ Rewind 90s Event

Earings:  Hucci- Bamboo Retro Earing Collection @ Rewind 90s Event

Dress: Sweet Thing Melanie Dress @ 90s Rewind Event

Heels: [Renegade]– Lucy Clear

Choker: .BF. Lory Choker (I believe this was from a past event)

Furby: Regin Gatcha @ Rewind 90s Event

Eye Shadow: Veechi Light Smokey Eyeshadow for Catwa @ Rewind 90s event

Bag: Luas 90s Remember Gatcha @ Rewind 90s Event

Pose: Akoko Fuckoff Bento  Static Pose

Location of Shoot: Pink Parade Cafe 




The past few days have been bland.  The days seemed to melt into each other.  I could not remember if it was the weekend, or what I even done the day before.  I have spent time at home with my hair up and my feet bare.  I managed to do some redecorating and cleaned up a bit.  One day, I forget which to be exact, I was going through my closet, trying different things on to see what still fit. I was organizing my shoes when I found it.  The gold necklace he had been looking for the other night was snuggled inside of a pair of platforms.   Tomorrow I will be dropping it off and possibly staying the night.

I found a reason not to be a homebody.

Hair: Tableau Vivant– Pony Up @ Collabor88

Shades: 7 – Baddies Frames in Blue Ombre

Lashes:  Mai Bilavio – Eclipse Mink Lashes (Catwa Bento) Rare @ Kustom9

Lipstick: Aidona – Sacrifice Lipstick for Catwa Mesh Heads

Necklace: Bjewla – Herringbone Chains

Body Suit: Apple May Disgns – Suit Up @ Seasons Story

Earings: ((LovelyAlien)) – PomPom Earrings Royal Set @ Seasons Story

Market Side



Had to make a quick grocery run.  I decided to take a walk there being that I did not live far.  Plus I wanted to stop and get some fresh juice from the smoothie shop on the way.  I invited him over for dinner.  We shall be having chicken, wine, and a late night.


All items below can be found at Collabor88

Hair: Lamb. – Cat Rider

Necklace: (Yummy) – Boxing Gloves Charm

Top: Vinyl – Andi Workit Top

Joggers: Blueberry- Minevra

Shoes: Reign- Arianna Sneakers

Juice- {Imeka} Bottle with natural Juice

Photo Taken at Wholesome Foods Organic Market

Gym Chic



The Dope honors were well, dope.  My girls and I partied all night.   I ate more than I should.  I hit up my sister Michi the next morning after my hang over went away.  I needed a gym butt to sweat out the rest of the alcohol.

Collabor88 January 2017

Bougie Lemonade x Wine and Pineapples

On Michi (in the red shorts)

Cae :: Thalia :: Earrings and Necklace – Fameshed

-Pixicat- Sporty.Short – Collabor88

-tres blah- Bella Tank Top


little bones. Jo – Luxe Box November

PUNCH / Basic Lip Piercings

PUNCH / Diamond Nose Ring

~Soedara~ Cihuapilli Metal Bindi Gold

Izzie’s – Catwa Waterdrops

Vadiya Tasha Hairbase


On Mika (green shorts)

Hair: Tableau Vivant- Wrap up

Tank Top: Spirit Twen Top

Shorts: -Pixicat- Sporty.Shorts

Shoes: REIGN: Ariana Sneakers

Nose Ring: .ARISE.



Last night was but a blur.  I ended up staying for breakfast, lunch, and snack time.  Five PM snuck up on me faster than I could keep up with.  I was so caught up in this void of pleasure, that I was about to miss the Dope Honors.  I promised my mother I would be there to keep her company and this man was not worth me letting my mother down.   I quickly ran home and grabbed my dress.  I did not have time to put my wig on, and I hated the shoes I picked out at the last moment.  I quickly put on the accessories I had on from last night and hit the highway running.  I made it just in time for a pretty picture.


Dress: Elegance Boutique “Dolly Dress”

Hair: little bones “Ilian”

For other items please see previous post!




He hit me up on that late night.  He apologized for the way he left me hanging the other day.  I pretended not to be hurt as he gave some half ass excuse to dig himself out of his self-dug hole.  He needed me, and I needed it. I threw on a little something and said I’m on the way to remind him what he missed out on the other day.

Jacket: Scandalize (cosmopolitan)

Lingerie: JF Design (cosmopolitan)

Hair: Magika

Choker: .BF.(cosmopolitan)

Earrings: Bens Beauty

Clutch: Indrya (cosmopolitan)

Shoes: Addams (Callabor 88)




He said he wanted to take me out and suggested I meet him at the lake.   I was elated because I have not been out in such a long time.  I beat my face, did my hair, and put on a fly outfit for a man really did not know.   All my efforts went to waste never showed up.

Jacket: Blueberry

Skirt and Panties: Asteria

Shoes (affordable item): -KC-

Necklace: Bens Beauty

Nails with rings:  .PUKI.

Nose ring:   .ARISE.

Earrings: Yummy

Hair:  .Entwined.

Morning Jamba


I rolled out of bed, my eyes hazy and crusted shut.  I have to be honest, if it was not for this fucking alarm on this shitty phone, I would have been fast asleep by now.  I always have the best dreams after being high.  I looked around my room.  Everything was still the same.  “Mama really kept my place up.” I thought out loud.  Slowly, I slid out of bed to reach for my bowl.  The herbal aroma began to stink up the room as I inhaled the novacane deep into my core.  Any insecure thoughts were suppressed with each puff.


I was in the middle of taking a long drag before my phone began chiming.  I reluctantly looked at the caller on the cracked screen before I allowed myself to surrender to excitement. It was a text from my cousin Ella.  She heard I was back in town and wanted to catch up.  I quickly tossed my phone to the side and jolted down the stairs.  For, you needed a proper bath before you see one of your favorite cousins.



She was there in less than an hour with Jamba Juice and good news.  She looked good.  She looked happy.  Her smile was wide and alive. I sat on my porch watching her walk up to me. “Dang cuzzo! You look great.” She hollered with a big smile.


“Thanks girl, so do you!” I said giving her a big hug as I stood up and out of my chair.

“How was Brazil?”

“It was the hardest thing I’ve done my whole career.”

“I’m sorry I forgot that you- “

“Don’t, it’s alright. Trust me I am over it.”

“We were all worried about you.”


“I know.  But less about me, more about you!”

“Well, I am happy. I just bought a brand new house. You have to come see.  Oh! I also got a huge promotion at my job.”


“Wow Ella, that is awesome.”

We sat there until the sun went down, drinking, eating, chatting.  It was nice to chat about normal life again, not work.  She even gave me the current tea on the father of my children.  It was nice. I felt connected again.  Later that night, with a bit of toxic in my system, I felt comfortable to snap a selfie of myself.  It was the first photo I’ve taken in almost a year.



My outfit for the day.  I like to be comfy while flying.


Hat and hair: TRUTH HAIR- Austen

Shades: Eclat- Mirrored Sunnies

Necklace: CFJ (Marketplace Find)

Top: Addams- Emma longsleeves w/laces in light light grey

Jeans: -Pixicat- – Singe Jeans in black

Shoes: [Shoeminati]- 350x in Turtle Dove

Airplane Mode

A million moths fluttered through my stomach as the plane glided back on to pavement.  It has been a long five months since I have been home.  Brazil was one excavation I would never forget.  It was long, it was hard, and it was lonely.   With each artifact unearthed from the ancient peoples, an artifact from my life diminished also.  I got a letter from my mother, Journee, the other day.  It was my first letter in weeks, and also, my last letter in weeks.  She sent me pictures of my kids.  My three beautiful babies. They’ve grown so much and looked so happy… without their mother.


I folded my children away and tucked them into my carry on the same way I’ve been doing for the past five months and rummaged around for my phone.  Thankfully, the thing still worked.   Many messages from many random people fluttered through.  Ignoring them all, I shot a text to my sister, Mila.  Only she if I would have a hard time adjusting to life after being gone for so long.

“Hey sexy! I’m home? How r my kids? All my shit still good?”, my fingers were cautiously stumbling over the cracked screen.   I waited for her to respond before I got a notification I could not ignore.  It was a text from my big sister.

“Sissy pooh! Did you land? Not sure why you’re not responding….” said the first message.

“Take your phone off airplane mode already cuz I know you landed.” said the second.   I responded with a few emojis before I stumbled off the tight plane.


Thankfully the airport was rather peaceful.  There was no crowd. There were hardly any people.  You would think that I would spot my mothers, my sisters, and my babies with ease.  The longer I sat around and waited at baggage claim, the more I accepted that maybe they forgot about me.  Or, perhaps, they did not get my letter about the grant money that ran so project was cut from eight months to five.


I suddenly heard my voice pull me from the innards of my mind, no not my voice, but a happier version of it. “Mika! Mika!”  I shouted.  I guess the locals gave me something laced to roll up before I boarded the plane, because I swear it was like an out of body experience.

That’s when I saw her face running towards me. She jumped on me as if she had never seen this face before. “Omg, Michi! I missed you sissy! Now we can be triplets again!” I blurted matching her excitement as I grabbed her firmly.


“You look good girl!” She said as her eyes trailed over me

“And you… are glowing.” I noted as she emitted every ounce of happiness through a wide smile

“Girl, I am just so happy to see you.”

“Where is everyone?”

“Oh… well, Mama Journee took all the kids to universal studios for two weeks, something about pop’s label having a concert out there. Anyway, Mila went with them too. Now, Mama Mariah…”  She trailed on.  This conversation would last an entire car ride.  It had been five months after all.

Michi stayed for all of two minutes to help me get my luggage out of the trunk.  She had to get home to her family, something she failed to go into detail on, but promised we would catch up in the morning.  I slowly unlocked my door, afraid of what might be behind it. With the exception of a few dust bunnies, my house seemed to be the only thing that did not change while I was away.

I looked down to my right where my little garden once was. “Oh shit, she really did come through”, I shouted noticing Mila’s handiwork.



After a few bowls, it was home sweet home